Tips On How To Write Essay On Drugs

Drug abuse is a pertinent issue in modern society. Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in drug use among younger people. It has now become an emotive issue debated every day in health, social, and political forums. Now that students form the largest risk group of drug abuse, it is common for teachers to give out essay assignments on the topic.
How do you go about writing an essay on drugs? If you have such an assignment, this guide offers a few ideas on how to write an A-grade paper.

Explore what Drug Abuse entails

The mention of drugs in modern society elicits negative emotions, yet these are also useful in the treatment of different ailments. If you wish to write a great essay on drugs, it is good to differentiate between ordinary drug use and drug abuse. In most cases, your teacher wants you to focus on drug abuse, and it is thus important to give this distinction in your paper.
In the simplest definition, drug abuse is the use of any product or substance to get a specific pleasurable effect on the brain. Doctors prescribe some of these products to treat some diseases, but some people abuse them by ignoring the dosage to get a “high.”

Some of the most commonly abused drugs include cocaine, marijuana, opioids, amphetamines, depressants, khat, heroin, steroids, Hallucinogens such as ecstasy, among others.

Focus on Causes of Drug Abuse

In your essay, you can also focus on the causes of drug abuse among the youth. It is a big problem, and you will find extensive reading materials on the same.

If you want to provide a solution for this menace, you have to explore the causes first. Some of the main causes of drug abuse include peer pressure, stress, family problems, and recreational purposes, among others.

Discussing these causes gives your essay on drugs a solid foundation. By identifying the causes of this social problem, you can build on your thesis and give an intelligible conclusion at the end.

Show the Impact Of Drug Abuse

Another area you can focus on when writing an essay on drug abuse is the impact it has on the individual, their family, and society.

Some of the effects include loss of lives, risk of addiction, suicides, loss of income, broken families, risk of mental problems, to mention but a few. The families of drug abusers also suffer untold emotional trauma. Many parents suffer greatly, seeing their children die due to drugs.

There’s also an economic impact of drug abuse on the general society. Treating drug abuse and addiction is costly, and the bill goes to the taxpayer. Such money would have gone to other uses in medical care.

Choosing Essay Topics On Drugs

Before you start writing, it is good to spend some time researching the best topics. Make sure you want a relevant, interesting, and impactful topic. Choose a topic that allows you to explore the objectives you have in mind. Talk to family, friends, and other students to brainstorm for the best topic ideas.

Drugs form a very broad subject in writing. It is advisable to narrow down on a manageable topic area to do justice to the subject in focus.

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