Why Homework’s Should Be Banned

Do you think homework is unnecessary for the students? Students complain that teachers give out more homework that makes them have sleepiness nights. Students should have quality time to interact with their family members after school. Teachers will hoverer never give room for students to relax and plan their next day. The challenge of homework has made may question whether or not to do away with homework.

The article will focus on the best reason to support the banning of homework in schools.

Reduces time to relax at home

Giving students homework after 8 hours of school is total punishment. They need to have time to exercises their leisure. After school, students should be allowed to play with their peers, socialize with a parent, watch TV, and take part in light home chores.

Negatively influence students’ performance in exams

Long assignments harm students’ performance. They spend more time finding a solution to the hard homework task instead of carrying out a thorough revision. The homework also deprives the learners time to relax their minds after long school hours, which reduces their concentration and performance in their academics.

Negative impact on mental health

The teacher is risking the mental health of learners with tough assignments. Learners need to relax their minds. Constant stressing of the leaners mind can lead to adverse mental health.

Some learners have other engagements apart from being students. Some are on internships, part-time jobs, among others. When you add them hard tasks in the form of homework, subjects them to burnouts.

Lack of teacher support at home

The best reason why homework should not be school routine is that students are unable to access teacher support while at home. It becomes challenging to consult a teacher in case of any difficulties in the assignment.

Some students understand concepts by memorizing, while others do it by repetitive reading. Homework’s submits all students to one mode of interpretation. Such a method may not work for all the students.

Homework has no direct impact on the student’s performance

Extra work after school has no direct impact on students’ academic performance. There is a need to scrap off homework and allow students to have quality resting time.

Homework may not contain topics from subjects studied in class. Students spend most of their precious time researching irrelevant content that never appears in exams. Homework should, therefore, not be allowed in class. It is very unethical to give assignments to students that are out of the study topics.

Makes students miss parents love and care

Parents are unable to share out their love and care to their children. Education and homework separate children to form their parents. It is, therefore, tough for parents to have the time to share their love with their kids.

Some people are still not convinced that homework should be banned. They believe that essay writing service reviews have lots of positive impacts that make them necessary for students. They think that homework is a solution to minimize student’s extreme TV watching. It can also help the students manage their time. Every professional need time management skills. Homework is the best way of training students to develop time management skills. As much as people will be cursing the concept of educators giving learners homework, some functional aspects make other people promote it.

The disadvantages of homework outweigh the advantages. Schools should consider banning homework. Students need to relax and find time for themselves and their families.

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