Key Points To Learn From The Global Warming Essay Sample

If there’s one topic that has dominated world news today, it has to be global warming. Over the last few decades, global warming has moved from science circles to pervade political, social, and economic debates. In every international forum, global warming has to feature as an item of discussion. It shows how important this subject is to modern society.

As a student, you will most likely have to write about global warming at one point in your school life. If you have an essay on the subject, there’s so much information flying around, which can complicate your research.

Reading a sample essay on the dangers of global warming can make things clearer for you. This guide explores some of the key takeaways you will learn from such an essay.

What Is Global Warming?

There’s a lot of information about global warming, but most people don’t know what this is all about. In the simplest terms, global warming is the rise in global temperature caused by an increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the air.
The average global temperatures have risen dangerously over the last five decades. This would not be a concern, were it not for the increase in environmental disasters. From typhoons, tsunamis, storms, landslides to drought, extreme weather is now the norm.

What are some contributors to global warming?

When writing an essay on a problem such as global warming, it is important to identify the major causes. Sample essays on the dangers of global warming will also identify causes, including increased use of fossil fuels, which emit dangerous gases, deforestation, industrial operations, among others.

Why the concern about Global warming Now?

If you look at any essay tackling the dangers of global warming, you will find a section linking global warming to extreme weather. If you want to write a similar essay, this is one of the most important sections to include. You have to research widely to show your readers how global warming threatens the survival of planet earth.

As ocean temperatures rise, there’s more likelihood of extreme weather, and this is already happening across the globe. Heatwaves, which were not devastating, have now become more common.

Some areas which used to experience dry conditions now have to grapple with long droughts. All these affect the existence of humans and animals. If not checked, the effects of global warming might wipe out planet earth. It is one of the major concerns driving efforts to curb global warming.

Using examples to show the impact of global warming

Natural disasters have always been part of life, but over the last five decades, they have increased, and there’s a strong link to global warming. Forest fires are now more fierce and widespread; typhoons are stronger, and Asian and European heatwaves have become more devastating.

Other major signs include floods across Asia, melting glaciers, hurricane across the Caribbean, and other parts of the Americas. Increased droughts in Africa and Europe and other parts of the world are just a few of the other examples you can use to support your case.

Writing about the dangers of global warming is an eye-opening experience. It requires a lot of research, but when you use a sample essay on the same, you can streamline your work and write a winning essay.

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